3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs The Owl


Meet Owly from Hootsuite and read on for my top 3 reasons why every business that’s on the internet needs Hootsuite.

Owly of Hootsuite
Hootsuite swags! Hooray!

1. Customer Engagement: with Hootsuite, you could easily monitor and manage your company’s various social media streams in one place. Say goodbye to individually logging into these social media networks and remembering each of their passwords.

  •  Post updates, review responses and connect to your customers on over 35 social media networks like facebook, twitter, google+, instagram and more!
  • Schedule your messages across all your favorite social media platforms in advance; get more followers to notice your company by creating a strategy that considers crucial times when posts are read.
  • Share information easily through Hootlet – just one of Hootsuite’s plug ins that allow you to share with all your followers across the web.

2. Customer Service Made Easy:

  • Connect with your customers by listening to social media. what are they saying about your business?
  • Monitor reviews and plan your strategies by bein in tune with your target audience.
  • View your customers’ inquiries and complaints and questions in one place. Create pre-canned answers to their frequently asked questions. Provide excellent customer service experience when it matters!

3. Build excellent teams!

  • Hootsuite allows you to add multiple team members to your company’s social media accounts. You can also control and assign tasks, add collaborators, and edit posts as a team.
  • Hootsuite’s unique analytics feature gives you an in-depth view of how well your social media strategy is working. The tool tracks clicks across all of your favorite platforms, delivering them in an easy-to-read series of charts. Furthermore, Hootsuite provides other extensive monitoring and reporting features that allow you to create professional-looking, printable reports on your business’ social media progress.
Ready to meet the owl? Go here: https://hootsuite.com/

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