Hello there, fellow ninja. My name is Lea Malanum. Most people call me Lea, so go ahead if you want to call me that, too. I’m an INFJ, which is probably one of the weirdest kinds of people to ever exist. How so? You’ll find out in my blog. *wink*

I’m an IT graduate, but I’m a ninja by profession. I don’t have a definite job title because I do a variety of things (so it’s probably for the best that we stick by ninja as my profession). I do anything under the sun that spikes my interest. Other times I play basketball, most of the time I watch TED talks, volunteer on events, and read books until my eyes hurt. Bottomline is, I do things by passion. I aspire to discover greatness in any forms, spread kindness, and improve my awesomeness through this blog.

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