The Rise of Intelligent Phones with Zenfone 5 #BackTo5


Gone are the days when the compact, portable devices we always bring with us are just called smartphones. With the launch of ASUS’ Zenfone 5 series, you can now own intelligent devices that can think for you. Awesome, right? But in case you want to know how exactly, read on to find out.

Why are they going #BackTo5?

Maybe you can’t exactly go back in the past to change something, but you can certainly use what you did from the past to make a better version of the present- for the future. wink And that’s exactly what ASUS did! If you’re a smartphone enthusiast, you would probably ask, “Didn’t Zenfone 5 come out like 4 years ago?” You’re right. The first-gen version came out of the market in 2014. Now, it’s making an awesome comeback by introducing 3 flagship intelligent phones in its wake- the Zenfone 5, Zenfone 5Q, and the Zenfone 5Z.

Intelligence is sexy

What makes the Zenfone 5 intelligent? It is the first Zenfone that harnesses the capabilities of AI. With Artificial Intelligence being incorporated into today’s technologies, the possibilities are limitless.

Zenfone 5 introduces 5 different ways it can think for you:

    • I am but a mere girl who’s dearly fascinated with taking photos. From food, to sunsets, to just random things I see along the way, if I dig it, I’ll click it.  Zenfone 5’s dual camera and photo learning capability can help me give justice to why my two eyes could see and perhaps show it to the world. The device has 16 scene detection modes that automatically analyzes the subject of your photo and adjusts the settings according to the scene.
Unsurprisingly, food is one of the 16 scene detections #ForTheLoveOfFood

Here are some sample shots I took with friends using the Zenfone 5:

Greetings from the PBNet Baguio crew!

    • Of course, what’s an amazing hardware if it doesn’t boost the way you use your device? Aside from the beast of a processor it has, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Mobile Platform, it also has 4 GB RAM and Optiflex Technology that allows you to start applications instantly and do more with your device without the fear of it overheating or lagging. Hooray for multitaskers like me!
    • With this feature, your phone can keep track of your charging habits so it will adjust the charging speed dynamically to increase the lifespan of your device’s battery and also to avoid overheating.
    • With an all-screen display and 90% screen-to-body ratio, the biggest out of all the Zenfones ever released, watching my favorite series on Netflix will be a more immersive and enjoyable experience.
    • Although this feature will less likely be needed by an introvert like me who always has her phone in silent or vibrate mode and generally dislikes (hate is a strong word) phone calls, this is certainly helpful for the get-goers who are always on call. This feature allows your smartphone to adjust its volume according to the current environment you’re in.

My favorite feature?

Because the first thing I really look for in a gadget is a companion I can take photos with, the camera of the Zenfone 5 is a win for me. The next thing I look for in a smartphone? The battery. The Zenfone 5 has a 3300 mAh which is at an average quality for me since I have been an ASUS Max user, which is another series from the same brand known for its outstanding battery performance. So if the battery of a device is on the top of your checklist, the newly-released Zenfone Max M1 might be just for you! They call it the Battery King for photographers so it’s something I really want to get my hands on.

Shut Up and Take My Money!

The Zenfone Max M1 is a steal for the price of Php 8,995.00 while the Zenfone 5 is  at Php 19,995.00 (which by the way was immediately sold out and bought by zenfans 45 minutes after launch! Sugoi!). The Zenfone 5Q is at Php 16,995.00 while we have yet to wait for the release of the more intelligent beast Zenfone 5Z which is priced at Php 29,995.00.

To check the technical specs of each device, you can visit or their Facebook page because they do have amazing promos for those who are planning to buy the Zenfone series like this one.

What device from the Zenfone 5 series would you like to get your hands on? Let me know from the comments below and let’s geek over it together!

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