Primetime Every Time with Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered Stick

When I was young, I grew up rushing to go home after school just so I could catch my favorite cartoons and anime on television. It really bummed me out whenever I reach home and it’s already the news. Dang it! I missed another episode. Let me paint you a picture: I’m proud to be a 90’s baby, where movies were still rented from stores and the capacity of floppy disks was just enough to save our activity in our Computer subject. I had no way of re-watching the cartoons I missed. Today, I was given the chance to try out the Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered stick and it has been a gamechanger for me since. How so? Read more to find out.

For the Love of Netflix and TED Talks

Fast forward to today, and though I’m only at my early 20s, I have seen how much technology has improved, especially so that I pursued an education in the field of technology (software design). As a lover of books and series, I rarely watched television anymore and would opt to watch my favorite series on Netflix. Whenever I needed motivation and new knowledge, I usually watch TED talks. After I have discovered online streaming services, life has never been the same again.

Globe Streamwatch – Roku Powered Device

The Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered stick is a streaming device that allows the user to access 100+ streaming channels such as Netflix, HOOQ, and TED whenever. Your TV also doesn’t need to be a smart one to access your favorite series. As long as it is HDMI-enabled, you’re good to go.

Simple, Portable, and Searchable

The Globe Streamwatch is simple to use because it’s Plug and Play device that does need rocket science. Simply connect your Globe Streamwatch to the HDMI outlet on your TV. Turn on your TV, connect to your WiFi connection, and start streaming your favorite channel! It’s that easy!

Watching inspiring TED talks on my HDMI-enabled TV

With over a hundred channels in different categories- from movies & TV, to lifestyle, sports, and family- the device can be definitely used by everyone in the family.


As an avid subscriber of streaming services, the Globe Streamwatch – Roku Powered device helps me use my subscriptions to the fullest. Whenever I get ready for work in the morning, I can just turn on my TV, plug in the Streamwatch and watch the latest episode of the series I’m currently hooked on (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Black Mirror is a must watch btw guys!) while I’m having my breakfast.

Before, I can only access Netflix and TED Talks whenever I have my computer on and I sometimes even forget that I’m subscribed to them because I can rarely access them. Because of the Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered device, I can play the movies in the background while I’m doing some of my tasks on my computer. #LifeHack

What I like most about the product is how user-friendly the interface is. I also love how when I’m watching a YouTube video on my smartphone and the Streamwatch is on, I can just cast the video to my TV so I can watch it on a bigger screen. Another win for me!

Overall, I think the Globe Streamwatch – Roku Powered device is worth of an investment for those who are avid subscribers of streaming services because of its convenience.

You can avail your own Globe Streamwatch- Roku Powered device and learn more about it at

Do you have a series/movie/music video you’re currently hooked on? I’d love to know! Comment them below and I’ll give them a try on my Streamwatch! 🙂

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