Quipper School: Distributing Wisdom the Fun Way


May it be for business, leisure, or education- you name it, there’s a service in the internet available for you. But what makes the internet and technology a powerful tool is that today, education doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Rather, it becomes an opportunity through various learning systems made available today. Teachers, students, and everyone else, meet Quipper School.

What is Quipper School?

Quipper School is a free e-learning management web service that helps in creating quality teaching and learning experience through easy access to quality K-12 content, real-time student performance analytics, and instant feedback from students and teachers.

The said platform has been partnering with numerous schools and Department of Education Divisions throughout the country since January 2014. They aim to enhance the education accessibility and usability experience for Filipino students. Just yesterday, Quipper School was introduced in Baguio City. How nice is it that there’s finally a fun, learning platform that would help teachers manage classes better and help students enjoy schoolwork within reach?

“We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging. Because when students are engaged and they are interested, that’s where learning takes place.” – EdTechReview.in

Take Quipper School Anywhere with You

Working as an online freelancer made me appreciate the convenience of being able to work from home. I could earn as long as there’s an internet connection. Since Quipper School is a web service, it is accessible anywhere as long as you have internet connection. What does this mean? It would mean students can still access their assignments, quizzes, and curriculum even when classes are cancelled due to bad weather. When the teacher or student is not around, as long as they have access to the internet, they could still catch up on what they’ve missed. The user-friendly interface is also gamified, which makes the service engaging and fun to use.

Miss Gloria Buya-ao, Mountain Province Schools Division Superintendent, shared that students from public schools who had their classes suspended in order to give way to the Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Meet (CARAA) were still able to catch up on their lessons through this service.

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I’ll always be a fan of working smart and innovation geared towards education, and so far, Quipper School is doing a good job on both departments. To know more about Quipper School, visit their website or Facebook page.

Did you know?

  • Since October 2015, there has been 1 million Filipino students (and counting) enrolled in Quipper School, with about 200,000 active users per month.
  • Philippines is the 2nd largest country where Quipper School is provided.

16 thoughts on “Quipper School: Distributing Wisdom the Fun Way

  1. There is so much innovation today. It’s amazing! Now education can be accessed anywhere.Quipper seems a great solution for students who want to learn while pursuing a career as well.

  2. This is a great tool for students to learn after school. Instead of using tablets and smart phones for games, this can be a great alternative 🙂

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