Social Media Influencer Bootcamp: At a Glance


Last November 20-21, 2015, I attended a bootcamp called the Social Media Influencers Bootcamp Baguio at 5space. This bootcamp is designed for aspiring social media influencers and bloggers. Since my nature of work was about social media and SEO, like the Work@Home seminar I attended way back, I figured I would definitely learn a lot from the event so I attended. As a work at home ninja, I also wanted to meet people who wanted to blog like me.

First Day of the Social Media Bootcamp

On the first day of the bootcamp, Sir Vince ( shared to us the basics of become an online influencer, how power influencers are, and the tools and tips we can use to start blogging and using the social media platforms the right way.  What stuck to me was that with the negative things we’re seeing on social media, in order to lead a positive change, it’s important to be a POSITIVE voice.

Second and Final Day of SMIBB

I went to the seminar without having to pay anything, but guess what? I brought home tons of knowledge, swags, and prizes! Aside from FREE 2-month access to Hootsuite University that was given to the participants, the organizers also conducted individual and group contests on the second day of the bootcamp.

The group contest was an application of everything that was taught on the first day of the bootcamp. We were grouped into three, and we were tasked to write each of the sponsors (Kata, Paymaya, Audionetwork, Safezone, and Hootsuite) a blog post, share it on the different social media platforms. The group with the highest post reach wins a P500 online shopping money from Paymaya! How amazing is that? We only had a few hours to do everything from scratch, and due to lack of hours, and possibly information overload, Van, Ms. Sheryll, and I was only able to finish these three blog posts:

Paymaya: Paymaya: How to Shop Online without a Credit Card

Audionetwork: 3 Easy Tips for a “Whoa”-worthy Video

Hootsuite: 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs The Owl

But lo and behold, we were able to win the contest!

I had my eyes set on the individual contest though. And the prize was a Kata F1s smartphone! My friends would know why I was so giddy in winning a new phone. I’ve bearing with my old Galaxy note for half a year now. I had no issues with the specs, but the charging port was loose.So yeah, a new phone would definitely be helpful. There were two individual contests. The first one was an Easter Egg hunt similar to the one conducted by Google. We were given a clue, then we have to find the Easter Egg online. Here’s the Easter Egg that got me my own Kata F1s:

kata f1s
My Kata F1s

The second Kata F1s phone was given to the participant with the most reach and tweets according to Google Analytics. Congratulations Ms. Louella! 😀


While the bootcamp was about becoming a social media influencer, it made me happy to meet friends offline who has the same passion as me. The fact that you’re reading this blog posts is a fruit of all the things I’ve learned on the seminars and bootcamps so far. I’m definitely going to attend the future bootcamps, and I hope to see you there!

social media influencers baguio
The SMIBB White Ninja graduates with Sir Vincent Tabor


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