GoAutoDial App: Unified Multi-channel Contact Center in the Works

GoAutoDial-AppIf you’re in a particular field of business, it is important to know the right tools with features that can help you improve the efficiency of the different operations, and the overall growth of your business or your job. The trend of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or call centers has skyrocketed in the past years or so. It has opened a lot of opportunities for a lot of Filipinos. If you’re in the BPO field, you’ve probably heard about GoAutoDial. The GoAutoDial app is an open source web-based call center system widely used throughout the country.  Read more

Quipper School: Distributing Wisdom the Fun Way


May it be for business, leisure, or education- you name it, there’s a service in the internet available for you. But what makes the internet and technology a powerful tool is that today, education doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Rather, it becomes an opportunity through various learning systems made available today. Teachers, students, and everyone else, meet Quipper School. Read more