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Did you ever have that moment when you woke up one day, something happened, and then you realized that you have not been really living at all? That you were only vaguely aware of your surroundings and aimlessly floating through life? To have an understanding why I decided to pursue the world of blogging, let me share a not-so-short story of how I decided to become a nerdy ninja blogger/ freelancer.

They say life starts when you step out of your comfort zone, and up until graduating high school, I was contented staying inside the box. Scratch that – I was scared as hell to go out of my precious cocoon. I was introverted, had a few friends due to transferring from one school to another, but I was ok. I was always on neutral ground: neither the outcast nor of the popular, neither the rudest nor the nicest, neither the sociable nor the quietest- okay, maybe I was the quietest, but you get the point.  I did realize one thing though: existing is one thing, but being remembered for something, or just being remembered, is another story. And from the way things were going for me, I was only doing an ok job in existing.

Tumblr stats
My first Tumblr blog’s stats

So I vowed to discover the extent of what I could and couldn’t do when I start college. I chose the course Information Technology (IT) for the mere fact that I seemed to do well on playing with marquees (not kidding) and having a high score on Pinball (kidding). I didn’t really have a game plan. Honestly, I don’t really remember how I ended up in the course. I started playing with Photoshop back when I started blogging on Tumblr in 2009, so that must be why. Here are some of the typos of quotes and lyrics I made back then (please don’t judge me. Quotes were a really big thing back then. I’m actually cringing at the moment):


So I.T. happened. College happened. I took Software Development as my major (spoiler alert: I don’t program anymore). Through the help of my instructors, I was able to discover things I didn’t know I was capable of. I became an active student council three of the four years, I was a mainstay on our department’s basketball team, and I also joined department and school-wide pageants.  A teacher of mine told me I had a knack of expressing myself better through writing, so I started contributing for the school paper.  The cherry on top was that I want my grades to be as high as possible. To sum it up, I was a weird mix of activities and sleepless nights (still is). It was pretty much the busiest four years of my life that time. But I wasn’t complaining.

the sporty ninja
I may not look like it, but I’m also a sporty ninja

So guess what, after graduation, I realized that even though I was fairly good at programming, I wasn’t happy. I was, and will always be, a person of passion. After half a year of contemplating, I decided not apply for corporate software development jobs to become a freelance SEO and article writer instead. I didn’t have to throw away my four years of education, and I could do what I love: to write and explore myself. It was the best of both worlds. I’m currently expanding my horizons and am currently learning about Social Media Marketing. If you’re interested in how I became a freelancer so you could become one, too, I will be posting a detailed blog post on my freelancing journey soon.

Why I decided to Blog

I mentioned earlier in this post how existing is different from living. Way back, I was contented with listening. I didn’t have the nerve to speak up because a handful of times, I felt like no one listened to my opinions. That’s my deepest why in terms of why I decided to become the nerdy ninja. It’s I know there’s a lot more out there I have yet to experience, places to see, food to eat, adventures to take, and obstacles to conquer, and I want to use this blog as my voice. Simply put, this is an introvert ninja’s way to be a positive influencer. I decided to blog after attending a Work@Home seminar, so seminar after seminar, I decided to put up the Nerdy Ninja Blog.

What the Nerdy Ninja will Blog About

Aside from a lot of personal insights and cases of verbal diarrhea, I aim to share things that I think are underrated. Things that a lot of people want to know about but the available resources in the Internet do not apply to their situation- people like me. The Nerdy Ninja Blog will be about, but not limited to, the following:

Life of a Freelancer

After finding out the world of freelancing, I have been encouraging the people younger than me, especially students that they could learn and earn through freelancing as early as now. I’m no expert yet, but I hope my experiences can help people who are new to freelancing cope better than I did way back. This category is about my experiences, tips and resources on freelancing and working at home.

How-to Tutorials

In this category, I will be sharing how-to tutorials, first impressions, reviews relating to technology and the nature of my work. Simply put, this will contain the geeky side of the ninja.

Book Reviews

I love books! Need I say more? *wink wink*


Media Launches, book fairs, basically every social gathering I go to or get invited to, I will share in this blog. I also love volunteering and attending GDG and GBG events and seminars, so you’ll see a lot of that in my blog.

Food and Travel

To be honest, I only ever travelled out of town twice this year, and now that I have this blog, I plan to channel the adventurous ninja and change that next year. Let’s go!

the nerdy ninja travels

Lifestyle and Beauty

Personal thoughts, experiences, personal projects, perspectives about everything that inspire me, you will find on this blog.

Hi. I’m the Nerdy Ninja. Let’s be weird.


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