Herb Garden Kit – How to Choose One

Garden Design ImageHerb Garden Kit – How to Choose One
What’s inside
A Herb Garden Kit will include all of the essentials to get started with herb gardening including containers or planter, seeds or starter plants, growing medium, growing instructions and a few tips on how to look after your herbs.
Indoors or Outdoors
The initial thing to think about prior to you buying a Herb Garden Kit is if you would like to grow indoors, most likely with the cooking or outdoors within the garden or over a balcony or patio. Herb plants are very flexible, they are able to occupy a little garden plot or they are able to grow well in containers positioned on your windowsill.
If you decide to grow indoors your herbs must be placed where they will get plenty of light throughout the day, a south facing windowsill is ideal. If you prefer to grow them outdoors put them as close for the kitchen as you possibly can for straightforward access.
The benefit from growing herbs indoors means there’s no need to worry about winter or frost. Plus they supply a wonderful scent to your home.
Seeds or Plants
A Herb Garden Kit will often come either with seeds or ready planted with herbs. Most herbs are really easy to grow from seed and it’s really satisfying seeing the first seedlings appear and then watch them become luscious plants plus a kit must provide you with step by step instructions to to complete just that. If you don’t feel confident growing from seed or don’t want to wait, then a ready planted herb garden is the site for you.
Which Herbs
A good place to start out is simply by looking over your spice rack and take into consideration which herbs you use the most inside your cooking. Maybe a number of herbs you love to use but which are not so simple to find at the local supermarket or you sooo want to grow herbs to generate your own fresh herbal tea. Herb Garden Kits often have 3 to 4 herb types that compliment one another for example Italian herbs, Thai herbs or those who are perfect for tea.
Containers can be found in many forms and may vary based on whether you choose to have an indoor or outdoor herb garden. Outdoor containers will be weather resistant for example those created from treated wood. For both indoor and outdoor, make sure the container has drainage holes inside the bottom, herbs don’t enjoy relaxing in water.
Some Herb Garden Kits feature individual pots for each and every herb, while some feature a long narrow container that may house every one of them area. Either way, having the flexibility to go your herbs could be of great benefit. During the warm weather Perennial herbs, like Mint and Thyme, will like being outside and may be brought indoors ahead of the first frosts.
So why don’t you begin herb gardening today having a Herb Garden Kit made up of everything you need to get started. Spice it up using a Thai Garden or get brewing some delicious Herbal Teas. Good luck!

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