Herb Garden Plants – Evening Primrose As Cinderella

Garden Design ImageHerb Garden Plants – Evening Primrose As Cinderella
Oenothera biennis (Onagraceae)
Like Cinderella, this slightly tatty daytime herb garden plant transforms into a night beauty with drooping pale yellow flowers and a heady fragrance, thus the name evening primrose. Flowers begin in early summer and present a great showing until nearly mid-autumn (Fall) Over the summer/autumn transition period, flowers will display the whole day. Thickets of evening primrose, using their red stem bases will are 1.37m (4’6″) in height.
Some types will both produce fragrance and display in the daytime, so check together with your local nurseryman.
Although its reputation being a healing herb is justifiably gaining ground, this herb garden plant is also prized for its long flowering season and intrinsic beauty.
Common names include moon flower, primrose tree, moths and night willow. An indigenous plant of America, known to grow from Labrador inside the North towards the Southern states in addition to being far West as Colorado.
Evening primrose is reputed to get found its way to Europe around 1625 via its seed being mixed in using the ballast soil used within the sailing ships of the 17th century.
Originally, extracts from your bark, stem leaving using this herb garden plant were used as a possible astringent, for nervous disorders, as sedatives so when an aid to digestive aid. Now the acrylic is extracted and contains a gained a reputation to be a natural treatment for aiding nervous disorders, including multiple sclerosis.
Sow seed in a choice of late Spring into your prepared bed for flowering the year after or sow right after the soil has warmed in early Spring. In the latter case, transplant the seedlings for a great chance of flowers by late season exactly the same year. The fleshy roots prefer to grow deep, so provide a fantastic depth of soil.
Once established, self seeding will assure a great deal of fresh evening primrose seedlings throughout the garden ready for transplanting at the begining of summer.
Evening primrose is a fantastic plant with an asset to just about the tiniest gardens.

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