How to Create a City Garden

Garden Design ImageHow to Create a City Garden
If you live inside a city apartment or condominium, you might not have a private yard or access to the roof. To bring the joys of an garden to your dwelling, alternative methods must be used such as window boxes, vertical gardens and planters. Check with your local gardener for recommendations on flowers that work well inside your climate and ideas that may help you diy. Here are some recommendations on how to create a city garden when yard space is bound:
Balcony Garden. Planters are a good way to construct a balcony garden. These can range between free standing planters, to people which can be mounted on surface of rails or hang below rails, as well as those that can hang from the ceiling. If your balcony receives a lot of sun, you may have luck growing daisies, marigolds and petunias in your deck rail planters. If you are looking to provide some tall plants for your balcony you may grow dwarf trees including tea tree in a very free standing planter. Looking to create some privacy, try growing some small shrubs, including apple blossom camellia or highbush blueberry, in a long planter across the base of your rail. You could grow fruits such as strawberries or raspberries in hanging wire baskets, or flowers like petunias and licorice vines.
Window Box Garden. There are many color combinations and themes from which to choose for planting with your window box. Blending foliage and flowers together works great for visual impact. There are flowers that could appeal in your sense of smell, or could attract butterflies or birds. You may plan to stick with evergreens to have a very consistent color year round. Lavender and Sunflowers could be the right places to start.
Kitchen Window Garden. The best place to develop an herb and vegetable garden is inside a window box installed right outside your kitchen area window. If you don’t have a window, purchase a shelf above the sink and try growing in terra cotta planters. Herbs to take into account growing are basil, rosemary, thyme and chives. Cherry tomatoes, snap peas, peppers and edible flowers are a couple of other kinds of vegetables that may be grown. Cooking using the herbs and vegetable starting from your home window garden will bring a fresh meaning on the word fresh.
Vertical Garden. If you have a very shortage of living square footage you can try growing a vertical garden. Vertical gardens can be used indoors or outdoors, use minimum soil and customarily require small amounts of water. Flowers with short roots or vines are ideal for vertical gardens, such as honeysuckle vines, clematis, silver lace vine or morning glories. A vertical garden is a good strategy to cover a dull wall making it money work of genius enjoyable to suit your needs as well as your guests.
These are fantastic do-it-yourself projects to be effective on on the long weekend. They generally have a short time to finish, require low maintenance and last a lifetime to take pleasure from.

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