How to Have a Nice Garden For Little Money

Garden Design ImageHow to Have a Nice Garden For Little Money
Through my well being, I have seen some spectacular gardens.  Some definitely have cost the owners significant amounts of money.  I have seen many that haven’t. 
I remember becoming an adult and quite often having someone pass my mum a cutting of the or that to put in her garden.  It always amazed me that sad looking cutting actually grew into something worthwhile.  Mum usually had a bottle or vase for the window sill with something in it sprouting roots with the idea to will end up in the garden or share.
Sadly, these days, it is not so the norm to become growing your own gardens using this method or sharing web-sites might know about have.  How many times perhaps you have bought plants from the nursery just to you can keep them die for you soon after?  I know I have.  Money just down the sink.
We have moved recently where there was no garden in any way.  With my better half bust with out income coming in, I was not wanting to spend money on plants to pretty inside the place.  So I a consider what I could do. I was planning to invite all my friends over anyhow to warm up the place, so I made a decision to ask them whenever they would mind carrying using them a cutting or two from their garden.
Well, I was overwhelmed by the generosity I received.  With all I received I surely could plant the whole front and side of your home.  Now I only have to try taking a little cuttings myself and I will have enough for the backyard at the same time.
The plants weren’t in long and already I have flowers and colour around me.  It is Spring as well as the trees are growing each of their leaves back.  Not only have I not had to spend money on the garden, it is full of plants lovingly given to me by friends.  Also people passing by doing their daily walking comment on how good it can be all looking.  My garden tells a story as I remember every person who offered me a plant. 
If you might be short on cash and would really like your backyard to give you cheer, give it a go.  Give your mates serious amounts of acquire cuttings organised, do some baking weekly and freeze it ready because everybody are able to get together.

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