Log Cabin FAQ

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Whether you are aiming to house a gym, play room or perhaps a guest house, a sophisticated array of premium quality log buildings with the home office and leisure building in mind. Multi purpose home offices a log home is the perfect solution.
Interlocking buildings (log cabins) provide greater strength, durability instead of to note better looks than their shed/summerhouse counterpart. The majority of our log cabins are constructed within 1 day.
The 28mm wall thickness provides great insulation properties for an all year long building see our 45mm log cabins.
A good log cabin needs to have the very least roof and floor thickness of 19mm (7/10inch) and so they European versions are usually made of Kiln Dried Russian Spruce and Pine. Tanalised floor bearers are recommended and also the all the dwelling is normally supplied untreated.
You have varied roofing solutions including mineralised felt, heavy-duty felt and attractive bitumen shingle tile effect roof tiles. Many chalet style log cabins will be offered which has a optional veranda.
Q1. Do I require planning permission?
A1. Providing that the structure is located inside curtilage of your property and behind the dwelling line and if as close an 2m (6ft 7in) with a boundary lower than 2.5m (8ft 3in) high then planning permission really should not be necessary.
It is worthwhile noting that every pent roof buildings and apex structures upto a width of 12ft6in(W) are below this height restriction.
Planning fees remain A�155, CAD drawings cost-free.
Building Control is a very different department concerned just with structural calculations and possibly inspecting the footings. Providing that your building isn’t attached(lean-to) and below 30m2 in in floor area, a software to Building Control will never be required. 30m2 is surely an internal floor measurement and double garages of external dimensions 16ft6in x 20ft3in and 18ft6in x 18ft3in are below these thresholds.
Should a software be necessary then fees are upwards of A�400 plus structural calculations.
Q2. What ground preparation is necessary first individuals buildings?
A2. All interlocking buildings are incredibly heavy and won’t need pinning down. It is recommended that a concrete raft foundation of a minimum depth of 4in to be able to accept one of these simple weighty buildings. There is also the possibility of the bottom being out-of-square, this is the reason the ground needs to be another 6in longer and wider compared to the structure itself.

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