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Garden pressure or power washers are available in to their own personal for cleaning large, hard surfaces like garden patios and drives. Karcher are some of the most highly regarded manufacturers of pressure washers, with headquarters in Germany along with world-wide manufacturing, sales and service facilities. The name Karcher has grown to be synonymous for pressure washers.
Karcher pressure washers can be a very massive amount over sixty pressure washer models that cover anything from elementary cleaners for home users as much as gasoline and petrol powered pressure cleaners for industrial use. This article will examine three with this large range, the Karcher K2.100 for light domestic use, the heavier duty Karcher K3.150 as well as the Karcher K7.85M for professional users. All are to be used with cold water of up to 40A�C.
As well as electric power use, pressure washers are rated by their power and discharge rates with the output end. The maximum pressure is measured in bars and also the flow rates usually in liters per minute, which latter flow rate figure is really as significant as pressure rating as a measure in the cleaning effectiveness in the machine.
The Karcher K2.100 is really a 1400w machine suitable for general purpose use and so is acceptable for cleaning patios, drives and garden equipment. It has an operating pressure of 100 bar and a flow rate of 5.5l/min It is really a lightweight, un-wheeled machine weighing in at 3.8kg and features a 10m electrical cable, 4m output hose and has an input tube for dosing cleaning detergents when they are for use.
The Karcher K3.150 is a new style durable machine that incorporates a protective bumper. It is really a 1600w machine using a maximum pressure of 120 bar plus a flow rate of 6.0l/min working by having a pressure hose amount of 6m. The input water feeds in the machine by having a water filtration. It is really a heavier machine at 14.3kg, therefore has a pair of large diameter rubber wheels for easier mobility, you’ll take pride in features a storage compartment for accessories, and features a decking and patio cleaning accessory.
The Karcher K7.85M is often a very powerful, well specified washer for professional users, then one which includes received good reviews from users. It has an electric power of 2800w which is often used to provide 9l/min with a maximum water pressure of 160 bar. It includes a usefully long 12m output pressure hose which may be retracted back onto a integrated storage reel after use, and with twin detergent tanks for changing between cleaning agents much more use, to ensure as an example, allowing easy switching between car cleaning shampoo and car finish waxes. This Karcher also posseses an adjustable pressure nozzle around the end in the cleaning lance plus a wash brush. A heavy power cleaner being released at 28.5kg so naturally it is a wheeled machine.
On safety notes, do be aware the are powerful machines with good pressures near the output nozzle and as wonderful garden tools, in particular those involving water, do use a safety circuit breaker about the power, so when their use can involve lengthy exposure to noise do wear ear defenders.
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