Running an Office Smoothly – Hints For Contractors and Tradesmen in the Lawn & Garden Industry

Garden Design ImageRunning an Office Smoothly – Hints For Contractors and Tradesmen in the Lawn & Garden Industry
The aim for any contractor is to maximise his earnings and income in the work he performs. For a contractor with employees and sub contractors, the firm’s capacity to earn income is linked for the efficient utilization of office resources.
The productivity of an business is connected to how well the contractor runs the office side. If a cubicle runs smoothly, the likely outcome is the sector work will run more smoothly translating to happy customers plus much more profits.
If you are not used to business, the easiest method to work out what office functions must be completed is to record the tasks every week, and what you see proving itself to be a pattern determines what things have to be done daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The office needs to search for patterns for making orders (to suppliers for parts), making payments (to suppliers), issuing invoices (for work done), banking on and off-line, and the like. These functions are diarised accordingly.

Marketing functions should be diarised.

The office needs the various tools for getting jobs done such as the right computers, printers and access to internet technology.

Telephones should enable the contractor to work on the computer whilst conversing with staff or customers. These telephones ought to be hands-free (or with head-sets) to allow for multi tasking without people straining themselves using a phone craned between shoulder and ear.

Office equipment will include well designed chairs, computers set in the right height etc – eliminating eye strain, back problems etc.

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