Water in the Winter Garden

Garden Design ImageWater in the Winter Garden
Adequate water inside the garden is important all year-round, even during the coldest months of winter. Although plants and trees could possibly be dormant above ground, root systems keep growing and develop despite frigid temperatures. Unless sufficient rain has fallen, supplemental watering is required. During winter, meet your garden’s various watering should ensure that plants stay healthy until warmer weather arrives.
Grasses and Other Plants
During winter, grasses and also other plants need about 2.5 cm of water 2-4 times monthly. Use a rain gauge to watch the volume of rainfall and supplement, as required. Do not water the lawn or garden if it’s freezing. To prevent damage to plants, avoid spraying bare branches or foliage and water just with the walk out.
Like other plants, trees in addition need water during winter. Generally, established trees need 38 litres of water per 2.5 cm of trunk diameter 1-2 times every month through the winter. To remain healthy and thrive, newly planted trees usually require more moisture than established trees, and drought tolerant trees will need less. Be sure to water trees slowly to be sure adequate saturation in the soil also to prevent water run-off.
Remember the Birds
It is usual in the wintertime to set out feed for wild birds. In addition to food, these birds also need fresh water. In times of extreme cold, the usual options for water for birds could be absent or frozen. When feeding birds throughout the winter time, be sure to regularly supply fresh water, also.

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